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I help females to break the diet cycle, eat more,
get stronger & train effectively!

Tired of constantly dieting yet not seeing results?


Nutrition coaching in numbers

I help millennials achieve their body composition goals by simplifying nutrition and fitness so that
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What You Get

Personalised success plan

Your nutrition and training program will be tailored to your unique situation and goals. This can vary from first-time strength training from home to more strategic gym-based programming. This tailored approach ensures your success!

Weekly Macro adjustments & Sample Meal Plan

Your macros and nutrition will be updated weekly to ensure that you are losing fat at an optimal rate. You will also be provided with a personalised sample meal plan to help you hit your macros from day one while feeling more energised!

Weekly Check in & access to my private client support group

We all know how important accountability is. You will have a weekly check in with me to ask any (not so silly) questions and gain feedback. You will also be added to my client support group where you can join the weekly Q&A live chats.


Frequently Asked Questions

Empowered Results 1-1 is the highest standard of online coaching. personalized accountability and continuous support out there for females serious about transforming their body and life. And as you might imagine, a program this transformative and comprehensive is not going to fit everyone’s budget. I provide all my prices upfront upon application.

I offer monthly payment options, and a discount if you pay for your 24- week program in advance. Once your application for 1-1 coaching is accepted, I’ll discuss which option is best for you on our ‘right fit’ call.

But to be perfectly honest, if price is your first question – there’s a good chance that 1-1 Coaching is not the best fit for you. In that case you may be better suited to start with one of my self guided programs instead. Click here to find out more.

You will complete a check in form every weekend updating me on your week. This is an opportunity for you to talk about any challenges and queries as well as giving feedback on how your transformation journey is going. I will then send you a comprehensive check-in video the following day outlining your nutrition, training and any adjustments for the following week.

No, not at all! I can provide a home workout program for you if you have access to weights at home (all you need is 2 dumbells of at least 5- 10kg). For beginners home workouts are just as effective provided you have adjustable weights, or a selection of weights between 5-10kg, in order to progress your strength each week.

I like to work with clients for a minimum of 24 weeks as that is the amount of time needed to achieve a full lifestyle transformation in order to lose fat and learn how to keep it off for life, without ever needing another coach or program again. While there is no lock-in contract, I do ask that you mentally commit to that timeframe. The majority of my clients work with me for upwards of 6 months even after achieving their goal simply because they want to continue progressing further.
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If you really want to change, you cannot keep paying for cheap quick fixes.
I promise you, they will not benefit you in the long run. Out of all things you can't afford to do,
take control of your life should be taking priority and it's not.


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